Hearing the word ‘Sacred’ naturally inculcates some sort of curiosity within me. This time when I heard the word in line with the word ‘Forest’, my excitement reached new levels. A week later, when I finally visited the Mawphlang Sacred Grove, I felt a vibe which was ethereal and difficult to explain.

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The saying “Jobs fill your pockets, but adventures fill your soul” is true to the word. However in my scenario, both my pocket and soul were empty! I couldn’t do much about the pocket as salary day was still 15 days away; filling my soul with a new experience seemed like a good option. Adventures like Rafting, Paragliding and others require you to spend quite a fortune; fortune worth enough to pay my 3 month electricity bill but Hiking or Trekking don’t require much of one’s forever disappearing moolah. With a budget of mere 1300 bucks, I decided to take a Trek to Sandhan Valley which one of my friend marketed to me as the ‘Fireflies Trek’.

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