pawna lake

“How high are we?” I asked Ganesh bhaiya and the answer left me both “speech and weight” – less; 2200 feet! Well, that is how I felt while paragliding over the Pawna Lake in Pune, surrounded by the dauntingly beautiful Kamshet mountains, standing as sentinels of Mother Nature. The feeling could be described as that of excitement and adventure but that would be putting it mildly; very mildly. I thought that I would be scared out of my wits for this was the first time I was undertaking such an adventure and had no preconceived notion as to what to expect out of this imposed ordeal for it was my friend Amitesh who, against my will, took me on this expedition of sorts; and truth be told, I was petrified because I kept on thinking about the unfathomable possibilities that the unknown might present me with. What followed was something I’ll never forget for the rest of my life.

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The saying “Jobs fill your pockets, but adventures fill your soul” is true to the word. However in my scenario, both my pocket and soul were empty! I couldn’t do much about the pocket as salary day was still 15 days away; filling my soul with a new experience seemed like a good option. Adventures like Rafting, Paragliding and others require you to spend quite a fortune; fortune worth enough to pay my 3 month electricity bill but Hiking or Trekking don’t require much of one’s forever disappearing moolah. With a budget of mere 1300 bucks, I decided to take a Trek to Sandhan Valley which one of my friend marketed to me as the ‘Fireflies Trek’.

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