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Allison Van Rassel is the face and brains behind Foodie in Quebec City. Her passion for food first turned her into a foodie and then a food columnist. In 2012, she launched her own blog which as per the statistics is the number one Quebec food blog. An enthusiastic and super energized Allison was all praise about the delicious delicacies the backpackers and tourists could definitely try once and we couldn’t help but jot it down for you to read!

Devouring the best Poutines in Québec

No matter where you are in the province of Québec, the side street Casse-Croute is the ideal destination to submerge yourself in pure Québécois traditions. Known for making the world’s best poutines – a layered salty concoction of fries, cheese and gravy- casse-croutes are found all over the province. According to a popular saying, the further you are from urban centers, the better the poutine.

Where to find the best Poutine

Flashbourg, Lac-Saint-Charles

Le Roy Jucep, Drummondville

Cantine Pitch, Pohénégamook

For the best Seafood in Quebec

Québec’s exceptional marine environment enables an abundant, world-renowned production of seafood, crab and lobster. Some of the world’s most sought-after lobster comes from the Gaspé region of the Atlantic sea! A traceability system has even been implemented to guarantees its freshness.

Where to find the best Seafood

Poissonnerie Raymond Desbois, Marché du Vieux-Port in Québec City

Poissonnerie Raymer in New Richmond

Poissonnerie Les Escoumins in Les Escoumins

Québec’s unique Nordic terroir

Montreal is the most populous city in the province and among the foodiest cities in the world. It’s a city where chefs experiment with produce and vividly portray our culinary heritage. Chefs like Martin Picard, Normand Laprise, as well as Nancy Hinton and Colombe Saint-Pierre elsewhere in the province, treat local products like artistic treasures; where each mouthful becomes a unique encounter with Québec’s history and unique terroir.

Where to find the best Nordic Terroir

Restaurant Toqué, Montreal

La cabane au pied de cochon, Saint-Benoît-de-Mirabel

Chez Saint-Pierre, Le Bic

Les Jardins Sauvages, Saint-Roch-de-l’Achigan


And that is the Foodilicious Quebec and the Foodie Allison for you people!

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