Allison Van Rassel is the face and brains behind Foodie in Quebec City. Her passion for food first turned her into a foodie and then a food columnist. In 2012, she launched her own blog which as per the statistics is the number one Quebec food blog. An enthusiastic and super energized Allison was all praise about the delicious delicacies the backpackers and tourists could definitely try once and we couldn’t help but jot it down for you to read!

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My girlfriend and I are five weeks into a year long trip around the world. We chose Canada as our first stop because we are from London which means that we had no problem with language and communication. Also Canadians are reputable for being the most friendly people in the world, and although we are travelling on a budget there was still so much for us to do there. Activities such as hiking, swimming and cycling are day to day things that can be done almost anywhere that we visited at no cost or with something very nominal.

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Adventure and Ecotourism Québec (AEQ), a regional association recognized by Tourism Québec, has ceaselessly been one of the best associations when it comes to adventure tourism. Once a vision and now a successful association, AEQ endlessly works towards promoting and developing Québec as a hub for adventure and ecotourism in the best way possible.

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