Shotover Jet, Queenstown PC Shotover Jet

The kiwi sense of adventure and innovative thinking is behind some unique New Zealand-designed adventure tourist attractions, and the country’s success in the adventure tourism space. New Zealand pioneered the concept of adventure tourism in 1988 when AJ Hackett established the world’s first commercial bungy jumping experience in Queenstown. Blokart, Zorb and Shweeb are three examples of modern Kiwi inventions that have put a new spin of ‘going for a spin’ on New Zealand’s great outdoors. Much earlier – and in a different league – the ski plane and Hamilton jet boat were Kiwi inventions that pushed the boundaries of adventure tourism. So when it comes to New Zealand being a adventure hub, this ideology is definitely the backbone for the success and its sustenance.

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Ballooning over Yarra Valley

A holistic destination offering a range of experiences, Australia has something to satiate every type of traveler, be it the youthful adventure lover, the newly married couple on a honeymoon or the family travelling with kids. The diversity of experiences available in the country makes it a preferred adventure destination among travelers. Australia’s open spaces, rugged terrain, expansive coastlines and mountain ranges provide an exhilarating and ready-made adventure for adrenaline junkies. Continue reading “Australian Adventure”


Adventure and Ecotourism Québec (AEQ), a regional association recognized by Tourism Québec, has ceaselessly been one of the best associations when it comes to adventure tourism. Once a vision and now a successful association, AEQ endlessly works towards promoting and developing Québec as a hub for adventure and ecotourism in the best way possible.

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Peru offers a wide spectrum of opportunities for the travelers, right from sightseeing to gastronomy, everything is magnificent and enticing. It is a country blessed with rich culture, mesmerizing beauty and breathtaking adventure sites. Machu Picchu is one of the major highlights of the trip of South America but there is much more to explore in Peru beyond this place.

One can enjoy a boat ride in Lake Titicaca, the highest navigable lake in the world; enjoy a fancy picnic in the middle of the desert in Paracas, under the spectacular star-filled sky; exploring the mysteries of the Nazca Lines, tracings of mysteriously preserved drawings in the desert sand; visit the Colca and Cotahuasi Canyons, the deepest canyons in the world; fishing piranhas in the Amazon River, the mightiest river in the world; or experience the modern lifestyle sightseeing in the streets of Lima, the only capital in South America facing the Pacific Ocean. The uniqueness in the landscape, the people and the rich experience here makes Peru one of the most extra-ordinary destinations to visit.

Nazca Lines is among the top 10 places to visit in Peru. The Nazca Lines were declared a World Heritage Site in 1994. It is said that Nazca Lines were drawn on the surface between the period 550 – 600 A.D. These are the greatest known archaeology’s enigma owing to its size, continuity, nature and quality.  Geographers have depicted them to be the living creatures, imaginary beings,  stylized plants and also many kilometers long geometric figures. These lines are associated with some astronomical functions. These images on the ground are so big in size that the best way to get a full view of them is overflying them.

Flying over Nazca Lines leave all the tourists spellbound as they glare at the perfect shapes of a spider, a lizard, different kinds of birds like humming birds, sea birds, a monkey, a whale and even spot the design of powerful Andean Condor.  The planes that are used to take tourists fly over Nazca are of the optimum standard. All the airplanes can accommodate 4-12 passengers + 1 pilot + 1 copilot. The tour departs from the Maria Reiche Airport that is located in Nazca itself. All year round, the flights are scheduled daily, although they are subjected to weather conditions.Nazca Lines are surely one of the most impressive and prevailing mysteries of the Peruvian history and it would be surely an experience to cherish for your lifetime if given a chance to fly over them.

You can reach Nazca by bus from Pisco and Lima. The bus journey from Pisco takes about 3.30 hours and from Lima it takes about 6 hours to reach Nazca.  You can even take regular daily flights via LC Perú Lima – Pisco – Lima and continue with your journey. During the peak season starting from June to September the tour must be booked two weeks prior to the travel date to get confirmed seats.

Special thanks to Dan Somogyi for sharing beautiful photographs from his very own travel experience in Peru!


Malaysia is one of the rare places in the world where you are spoilt for choices for adventure holidays literally on ground, in the water and high up in the air. The country is split into two regions, Peninsular Malaysia and Malaysian Borneo and is geared towards adventure tourism but without being too apparent. There are steep hills and high mountains, challenging rapids and verdant jungles, thus extreme activities like jungle trekking, scaling hills and mountains, whitewater rafting provide the perfect challenge for adrenalin rush seekers. And what’s more? Well many of these places are easily accessible so anyone and everyone who visits Malaysia feels is ready for an extreme challenge without any preparation.

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