Backstage Story

Adventure Tourism, a word much heard, written and discussed about, has evolved immensely over the past decade. From what was supposedly confined to just rafting and paragliding, Adventure Tourism has taken many shapes and grown manifold over the years. Now in the age of backpackers and solo travellers, a time where people go off for months into the hills or seek calm beside the sea, Adventure sports are an itinerary de facto and every country has been making efforts to promote it the best way possible.

But no matter how well it is promoted and no matter how many times we see funny and quirky posts on Facebook, when it comes to adventure the age old inhibition is still intact. We, at iTourz Asia, spoke to the Adventure Hubs around the globe. A set of questions based on the most important parameters where asked and the answers were not only astonishing but revealed the intricacies of the world renowned adventure travel that we either ignore or are not aware of.

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